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We specialize in recruiting for hard-to-fill roles. We help our clients overcome a wide range of recruitment challenges from candidate scarcity, emerging technology trends, obscure job locations, urgent timelines and unique job requirements.

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Brendan is one of the good guys when it comes to technical recruiters. He takes the time to understand your business your needs and the role(s) you’re trying to fill before sending over a single candidate. Coupling his domain expertise with whatever your needs are, he quickly dials in the perfect candidates for your job reqs. Never will he flood you with unqualified candidates hoping one of them will stick - the resumes you’ll receive are for candidates with job skills and experience that closely match your needs.

I’ve hired several people through Brendan and continue to recommend his services to my colleagues, and others in my network.
— Scott Desatnick, Manager of Business Applications, MathWorks

Brendan is a hardworking recruiter that goes the extra mile for his clients. He was always very response and would answer any question I had both early in the morning and late at night.

I would recommend him to anyone looking for a position, or to companies who need to fill a position.
— Sean Veale, RedShiftBio

I had the pleasure of working with Brendan to fill an open IT position. It was quite a challenge to fill the position on our own and after months of trying we engaged Brendan. We were looking for a candidate with solid technical skills that are in high demand and we were dealing with a shortage of talent. Brendan was able to focus on our requirements, find qualified individuals and fill the position quickly. Brendan came to us by recommendation and he is excellent to work with! I highly recommended Brendan for his knowledge on recruiting, the IT market, knowledge of technology, his responsiveness, professionalism and how he is able to not only find but attract qualified talent. I look forward to working with Brendan again in the future.
— Jeff St. Laurent, Wilson Language Training

There’s working with a recruiter, and then there’s the next level experience of working with Brendan. Brendan went above and beyond while I was interviewing for a Senior Data Analyst role. The depth of his experience became immediately clear. His communication was thorough, consistent, quick, and, most importantly, insightful. Brendan made me feel prepared, informed, and confident throughout the interview process—then he showcased the maturity of his negotiation expertise. The best part about working with Brendan was his genuine and charismatic personality. I’ve had several positive experiences with recruiters before, but this was a standout. Working with someone I enjoyed speaking with and trusted made a inevitably stressful process so much easier. Brendan has nothing short of my highest recommendation.
— Natalie Cullings, EF Education

I’ve used Brendan’s expertise to identify, source and bring forward VP-level technical talent. He and his team have been exceptional and kept going despite the talent pool for these sort of candidates being very small. Thanks to him I’ve successfully placed a number of senior members of our tech-team in Shanghai, London and Boston.
— Rasmus Henriksson, Director Global Recruitment - EF Education